The Cupola

Horse Wind Vane

A year ago, I had the idea of adding a cupola to the garage, the least attractive  building on the property. Adding a cupola, punctuated by a wind vane, would significantly improve its appearance.
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Eggs On-Time

Trio of Eggs

“Chicken or eggs?” This was not a philosophical debate about which came first.  It was a question about the outcome of our chicken project. I set out tools to do some finish work on the bird run, and then checked the nesting boxes.  Nothing. Would we ever have any eggs?
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Birdhouse Extraordinaire

Oh, the satisfaction of designing and building things. This simple looking structure is the result of a transformational process – taking abstract ideas and converting them into a usable and effective product.  A series of challenges overcome through the application of innovative…(sigh)

Okay…it’s a chicken coop.  But it’s a really good chicken coop.
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