Sweet Potato Epilogue

What do you do with a sweet potato surplus?  Certainly share them with friends and neighbors, explore new recipes for preparing them…could even sell some.  But an imaginative person would find a way to do something worthy.

My wife Melanie came up with an idea – sell raffle tickets to win sweet potatoes.  That’ s right.  She embarked on a small campaign at work to sell raffle tickets for  baskets, each containing 5 pounds of sweet potatoes, spice pack and a recipe sheet – with the proceeds going to a local food bank.  The poster boy for her campaign was none other than Mister S. Potato Head.

Campaign Poster
Campaign Poster

Not just anyone could do this.  But someone with an ebbulient personality, like Melanie, could persuade, coax and otherwise prevail on people to purchase tickets for a chance to win a humble vegetable!

Prize Baskets
Prize Baskets

Ultimately, Melanie and Mister S. Potato Head collected $564!  Of course, our gratitude goes out to the ticket purchasers, all (or most) of whom understood that what they were really doing was providing support for people in need (in this case, through the Arlington Food Assistance Center).

Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato Pie

Meanwhile, we continue our culinary experiments – new and creative sweet potato dishes, as well as traditional favorites.


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